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How to be a good San Antonio Property Manager

How to be a good San Antonio Property Manager

  1. Manage Your Property Like a Business. Some landlords fail to run their property management with the necessary level of professionalism. It may be because they see it as a hobby or a side gig, rather than a serious business venture. However, treating your property management business with the same respect, systems, and organization as any other business can yield remarkable results. Have you considered contingency plans to address maintenance concerns in case you are unavailable, say on vacation, when a major issue arises? When you start viewing yourself as a business owner and manage your property accordingly, you will achieve greater success.

  2. Avoid Discrimination, But Prioritize Screening. Allowing the wrong person to rent your property could lead to issues such as late rent payments, property damage, and even evictions. Just as a car dealership would not approve your loan if you have no income and poor credit score, you must ensure that your tenants have a stable income, a clean eviction record, no recent felony convictions, and excellent references from past landlords. However, be careful not to screen out potential tenants based on the protected classes, as this could lead to legal action against you.

  3. Respect Your Tenants. Although you may not always like your tenants, it is important to treat them with dignity and respect. Your tenants want to be treated fairly and seen as equal humans, and this can go a long way in building good relationships with them. Regardless of your personal feelings toward them, never allow it to affect how you treat them. Being a landlord does not make you better than your tenants, so always treat them with respect, and it will translate to your success.

  4. Avoid Being Too Nice. As a landlord, your primary role is to be fair, not necessarily nice. Being too lenient can create opportunities for your tenants and others to take advantage of you. If your lease agreement specifies that rent is due on the first day of the month, ensure that your tenants abide by it. Failing to enforce the rules could lead to long-term issues and financial losses. Be respectful but firm when dealing with tenants.

  5. Seek Help and Advice. Even after many years in property management, there's always something new to learn. Don't hesitate to ask questions or seek help from other landlords. Whether you need a service provider's contact number, eviction assistance, or just advice, reaching out to other property managers can be incredibly beneficial. Collaborating with other landlords and sharing insights can help you learn and grow, ultimately leading to greater success.